Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Last week Ken got a call from a friend of his who races cars - a much anticipated call. He and Steven were invited to join him in Connecticut for a race. It was a bit of a last minute invitation, but Ken was instantly able to confirm they could go, ha!
To attend a race as the guests of a driver means total access, I can't even describe the fun my boys had.
(Except maybe to say that Ken told me he didn't think about me once the whole time he was gone.)

Fond Farewell

Ken's parents sold their ranch this summer. We are sad to see it go, there have been many good times at the ranch.

Over the weekend the girls and I met up with aunts, uncles, and cousins to help pack and clean and move, but we started out at Waterton on Friday night. We have the pre-ranch Waterton evening down to a (lost) art.

Ross has an appreciated sense of play. Here he is serving as a table for Chloe to build an Inukshuk on his back.

The perfect Friday night in Waterton starts with a picnic, 

Followed by Surrey Bikes and ice cream cones.

Saturday we got to work.

This old cupboard is for sale, by the way.

Carmen found a slipper she lost probably 5 years ago.

We were under strict instructions from Grandma that this was not to be an all work weekend; she didn't want everyone's last memory of the ranch to be packing and cleaning. The boys pretty much lived on the dirt bikes.

Carmen also mostly played. 

(Ah, the advantages of post-surgery.)

Chloe is my most sentimental child. She chose a few treasures that Grandma said she could keep, and took this great self-portrait.

Good bye Rancho Relaxo!

Friday, 12 July 2013


Carmen had a perfectly successful surgery on her arm yesterday. She had me take loads of pictures,  and I kept notes on my phone just in case, so here it is (condensed).

10:48 check in downstairs
10:59 hospital gown and in bed 31

11:30-11:50 nurse Ashley measured Carmen's height: 5'6" 123lbs Carmen then got a DVD player and a movie from nurse Ashley
12:03 nurse Nichole checked in with us we both got warm blankets 
1:55 wheeled to next waiting area in surgical suite

2:10 met with dr dilay and her med student Jacob she did some teaching and drew on Carmen's arm then anaesthesiologist came talked to dr dilay who asked him to also give dose of antibiotics 
Anesthesiologist gave Carmen choice of gas or needle to put her to sleep she chose gas (orange scent)
2:18 they rolled her away
3:14 desk in waiting area closed down, lights off staff gone
3:55 Carmen's back and having a popsicle

4:05 second popsicle 
4:10 Tylenol 
4:34 Nichole listened to heart checked temperature 
4:42 gingerale
4:44 Nichole elevated arm with pillow
5:00 Met with Dr Dilay, got post-op instructions and special wrap for swimming

5:25 discharged

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Happy Birthday Chloe

Yesterday Chloe turned 12! She was well celebrated - she got together with a few school friends back in June and had them over for cake and a DVD. On Sunday we had our Calgary extended family over for dinner and *Beehive* cake that Chloe made herself. We also had *Beehive* lemon sugar cookies (which Chloe made) and homemade ice cream (which I made).
Yesterday Chloe and I went antique shopping in Nanton, and we packed a picnic in her new picnic basket. We had bacon, tomato, and cheese croissants, banana chocolate chip muffins, raspberries, potato chips, and apple juice. One of the shop keepers in Nanton recommended a spot for us which was delightful - a gazebo in a park. We'd even packed a tablecloth, so our picnic was schmancy. While we were shopping Chloe bought some fancy white gloves and collector spoons, and I bought an old black veiwmaster with some travel reels for London, Paris, and Temple Square in Salt Lake City. My plan is to order some custom reels from our own photos.
Chloe had several people drop by throughout the day: her primary teacher with a gift, the YW's president with flowers, and our home teacher with an ice cream cake! The cake went with her to cousin Erica's house for a sleepover last night, but not before we had some at home (and then some more with Uncle Kevin).
Happy Birthday, Chloe!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Stampede 101

This year is the 101st year of the Calgary Stampede. I have a commemorative t-shirt that says *Come Hell or High Water* in reference to the recent flooding (Chloe was a little horrified I had a shirt with a swear on it - my only defence was that it was a gift from my office).

So Carmen, Chloe and I hit the Stampede today. We started out right with a Stampede Pancake Breakfast at the YMCA. It turned out this was the first time these girls ever stood in line for a pancake! It wasn't so bad, maybe a 15-20 minute wait.

The easiest way to do Stampede is with only 2 kids! 

Carmen really pushed Chloe's boundaries when it came to rides, and Chloe had a blast!

We polished off the afternoon with food-on-a-stick (chips and pizza) to make it pretty much a perfect day.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Canada Day Kids of Steel

Our new tradition (started 2 years ago, interrupted last year by our trip) is to do the Turner Valley Triathlon on Canada Day. And by *our*, I mean Carmen-and-now-Chloe.
Ken, Steven, and I were totally inspired watching them complete this challenge (we'll see if that inspiration moves any of us to action). Nice work, girls!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Some sweat when the heat is on

Friday morning last week Chloe picked up her 6th grade report card, and then later that afternoon she completed the set up for her 7th grade science fair. I know it is crazy, but I also know she will be super glad she did it this way by mid school year. Her experiment really is best done in hot weather anyhow: she is testing if roofing material colour influences heat retention, and by extension, 'urban heat island'. We certainly had some heat island today! Chloe couldn't do her 1pm reading because  both shingles had exceeded the 70'C maximum of her outdoor thermometers. Not a good day to not have air conditioning, I'm afraid.