Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Confessions of a lurker:

It's time to come clean.

I have beautiful silhouettes of each of my children; they're a treasure and an instant heirloom. (Thanks, Kristi)
I just finished reading Peace like a River. (Thanks, Stacy)
I made mini-donut snowman face treats from Matthew Mead's website. (found this sight through Kristi)
Next week my laurels are going to make We think you rock! goodie bags for the priests in our ward. (Stacy, again)
I've enjoyed the windows into the lives of extended family. (Kelly and RGLHM)

When you need an excuse any excuse will do . . .

Top 10 reasons not to blog:

1. I'm a slow typer.
2. I have privacy issues.
3. My mom read my diary when I was a teenager.
4. The phrase 'alone with my thoughts' may never apply to me again.
5. I should be working on my relationships with the people all around me.
6. I have a goal to spend more time standing out in the street chatting with my neighbours. (Canadian spelling, eh?)
7. I have control issues: I want to choose who reads my blog.
8. I have control issues: I really want to choose who doesn't read my blog.
9. I look back in old journals and don't always like what I wrote.
10. Couldn't come up with one more, so here I am!