Monday, 31 October 2011

Green Monster Smoothie

I made a special (healthy) Halloween breakfast this morning a-la Oh She Glows.

It was dreen, but not dross!
(Though the kids scared Ken out of trying it and he had chocolate milk.)

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Fire at will

I don't know why that felt like a suitable title - but here's a quick update in whatever order the photos uploaded.

We had an unscheduled Sunday on the weekend - no special dinners, no feeding the missionaries, no youth meetings. Carmen pulled out The Game of Life and we saw in through to the painful end, just to say we did it (and never have to do it again). Chloe was losing badly, so she put on Ken's cap and hoodie and called herself a hobo.

Steven got glasses. For free! From with a coupon code from Uncle Mark. (Thank-you!) The contact lens thing wasn't working out so well on school mornings.

Steven has his last regular season game today. The defence has only allowed 22 points all season! It's interesting how Steven playing defence has changed the way I watch an NFL game. Apparently I used to watch football from an offensive perspective.

We did an apple pie project with my parents and Marie this month - I had the brilliant idea of bringing latex gloves from work so that my fingernails weren't black by the end of the day from handling juicy apples.

Carmen saw this on Pinterest. My goal is to actually do the things we see on Pinterest, to move beyond the pinning. Good thing we have more Fridays off school than usual this year - we can using them for Pinterest Projects!

Monday, 10 October 2011

Johnston Canyon, Banff

It's a little embarrassing to have lived in Calgary for 19 years and to only have visited Johnston Canyon for the first time this weekend. This is the hike that Calgarians say to each other: 
"We could just go hike Johnston Canyon . . ."

Johnston Canyon was breathtaking. It is largely a suspended path winding along the canyon wall.

We'll have to do it again mid-summer sometime so that we can have a high sun and maybe get fewer shadows in our photos.

Beautiful spots all along the way.

And two impressive waterfalls. This first waterfall can be more closely accessed through a tunnel in the rock wall, which makes it all the more smashing.

Steven's been doing some photography for a Venture Scout Award. (He needed an outdoor hobby "not a sport". Ask me how difficult it is for Steven to pursue something outdoors non-atheltic.) 

The upside of me not being the one holding the camera - more pictures of Ken & I!

Saturday, 8 October 2011


It's about time these kids started taking care of me!

I wear a brace on my left wrist at night to keep me from bending it in a way that aggravates my carpel tunnel syndrome. The problem is that I like to sleep on my stomach with my head on my hands (hmm, could that be the real problem?) and my brace is not so comfortable to rest on. So last night Steven taped my up wrist - something he learned in his Sports Med class at school (the pink tape is for football for October) and ah! what a nice sleep I had.

Thank-you Steven!