Saturday, 8 October 2011


It's about time these kids started taking care of me!

I wear a brace on my left wrist at night to keep me from bending it in a way that aggravates my carpel tunnel syndrome. The problem is that I like to sleep on my stomach with my head on my hands (hmm, could that be the real problem?) and my brace is not so comfortable to rest on. So last night Steven taped my up wrist - something he learned in his Sports Med class at school (the pink tape is for football for October) and ah! what a nice sleep I had.

Thank-you Steven!


Marie said...

At least you just have it in one wrist! And it is your left hand, not your dominant, so that is another lucky thing, right?

I don't easily imagine a pink football month. I'm guessing to support breast cancer?

oinorton said...


Kelly said...

Those are great skillz! A few years ago I thought I either had carpal tunnel syndrome or something bad going on with my joints my wrists and hands were so sore. I went to the doctor and they couldn't find anything wrong. Then I realized I was sleeping with my hands all folded up under my head at night. I stopped doing that, and the pain went away. I still do that occasionally and the pain comes back, so maybe I just need Steven to tape my arms to my sides or something.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Hey, there must be a bunch of us that sleep on our hands. Who knew? I think I may need to rethink where I lay my head.