Saturday, 31 March 2012

New Wheels

My parents popped by this week, and when they drove up to the house our garage door was open - which is probably the only way they would have found out that Ken got a new car for a really long time. So I thought I'd just put it out here in case we aren't spreading the word adequately.

And while I'm on the topic I think I should confess: I'm jealous and plotting to steal it away from him.
(I've never felt this way about a car before.)

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Spring Skiing

In beautiful Whitefish, Montana

Carmen: The Girl on Fire

Me in my hand-me-down helmet from Jaclyn. When did this happen?

Caught a picture of Ken this time

Our sole snowboarder

We're having a great time, but we're cutting it a bit short for Football and Badminton. Two more days!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Second best, or rather, Second to none

Silver should be Carmen's new favourite colour:

(Pose #1 in front of her science fair backboard, and:)

(Pose #2)

Carmen was awarded second place in the Health Sciences category of her school science fair tonight, and she is moving on to Regionals next week. I had the fun experience of judging science fair today (I didn't judge the Health Sciences category) which was interesting. I learned a lot of stuff I'd never known about batteries, airsoft rifles, and the potential benefits of doing homework with the TV on. Ha!
Carmen's experiment tested if students brushed their teeth longer with toothpaste or without. (Without.)

Silver #2: Carmen's basketball team took second in Divisionals!

Um, not silver related, but moving on: Carmen and Chloe had Choralfest on the weekend. The adjudicators were beside themselves impressed with the Westside Children's Choir. In this photo the adjudicator called Carmen up to demonstrate 'molar-izing' her sound. This girl has some good genetics for a wide palate from her dad - is it funny to anyone that Ken has contributed to an element of vocal talent? 

Westside Children's Choir is a non-audition choir that rehearses for 1.5 hours per week (senior choir) (and 1 hour per week for junior choir).

I know I've blogged about choir before, but it is the best value for musical education, and such a quality experience. I'm so grateful my girls are a part of it, and also grateful to my friend who introduced us to it.