Monday, 30 May 2016

Lake Minnewanka

We have a couple more kids working towards their Duke of Edinburgh Award, and I'm so happy!

I'm very much a happy camper, and back country camping is my fav! We had to bundle up a bit because camping in the Rockies in May is cold.

I can't get enough of this

Or this

Ken spotted a hummingbird settle down and perch on the top of this tree when we were taking a break. Carmen and Chloe saw a black bear and her cub when they were further up the trail, but the bears didn't stick around long enough to get a picture.

Here's where we set up camp, it was such a perfect spot.

This hike counted as Chloe's Bronze level journey and Carmen's Silver level practise journey.

I can't wait to go back

I could almost do this every weekend

I'll just have to convince Ken.

Fort McMurray and Mother's Day

It's rarely a good thing when your community makes international news. My parents live in Fort McMurray, and so they were of course impacted by the wildfires in Northern Alberta this spring.

This is a photo of their street with the forest ablaze behind their home. When they were first evacuated from their house they were told to go stay with friends on the other side of town for a few hours, maybe overnight. Well, hours later it was evacuation for the entire city and no going back to their house to collect any more possessions. They traveled slowly south to Edmonton, sleeping in their car for 2 nights. I met them at Mark's house where we slept one night, and then brought them the rest of the way to Calgary where they have been ever since!

The first weekend they were here Marie and her family came up to see the grandparents.

It was super fun to hang out with them!

Cousin time.

The next day was Mother's Day and we had a good video chat with Steven that Grandma and Grandpa got to get in on.
My parents really don't visit often enough. Maybe it's too soon, but some day I will be able to joke that I had to start a forest fire to get my mom to spend Mother's Day with me.

School Play: Anne of Green Gables

Chloe had such a busy spring! She had a Royal Conservatory Piano exam in April, and rehearsals every day for the school play.

 Chloe played the part of Diana Barry opposite one of her best friends as Anne, which certainly made being bosom friends onstage easy and authentic.

Chloe came home from rehearsals one day under instructions from her drama teacher to make sure I knew there was a drunk scene for Diana Barry. Then she came home the next day telling me that the drama teacher wanted to make sure I knew Chloe was very good at that scene. For some reason the drama teacher was worried about my reaction? Standing ovation, that was my reaction.

The actress that played Minnie May was actually taller than Chloe, but their major scene together was when Minnie May was sick with croup so the height difference wasn't noticed in the play.

What a way to finish off your time at RDL, Chloe! You were made for this play!

Early Spring

Over Spring Break Chloe studied up on rules of the road and qualified for her Learner's License!

Chloe is getting good at driving, but I'm not quite ready to put her out on the highway, so she takes a passenger seat when we go out to visit Grandpa.

Grandpa Olson entered hospice care over a month ago. He's been treated so well, and we love visiting him. The spirit is strong in his room, and we certainly feel peace.

Early on, when Natalie suggested we celebrate Kevin's 40th birthday at the hospice, I didn't think it would happen. I'm happy I was wrong! Grandpa has had such good care out there, I really believe it has extended his life. Family time is a good time!