Monday, 30 May 2016

Lake Minnewanka

We have a couple more kids working towards their Duke of Edinburgh Award, and I'm so happy!

I'm very much a happy camper, and back country camping is my fav! We had to bundle up a bit because camping in the Rockies in May is cold.

I can't get enough of this

Or this

Ken spotted a hummingbird settle down and perch on the top of this tree when we were taking a break. Carmen and Chloe saw a black bear and her cub when they were further up the trail, but the bears didn't stick around long enough to get a picture.

Here's where we set up camp, it was such a perfect spot.

This hike counted as Chloe's Bronze level journey and Carmen's Silver level practise journey.

I can't wait to go back

I could almost do this every weekend

I'll just have to convince Ken.

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