Monday, 6 June 2016

Junior High Graduation

This beauty celebrated the completion of Junior High School and 10 years at RDL on Friday night.

Her stylist and photographer, Carmen, hurried off to a basketball game that evening, but not before she captured a few shots of Chloe and her friends

Chloe, Tristen, Brooklynn, Becca

Becca's mom took a turn with her camera

Another event my mom could attend while living with us! 

I tried to stand to keep the sun off Chloe's face. It was a beautiful day!

We enjoyed a banquet, where Chloe gave a beautiful Toast to the Parents. Ken got to have his dance with Chloe and then we didn't see her until the next night! She and her friends had a sleepover together and then spent the next day and evening at Calaway Park. Best Junior High Grad weekend everrrrr!


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