Thursday, 19 June 2014

Grade 9 Grad

Carmen celebrated her years at RDL on Friday night with the rest of the class of 2014, marking the end of 10 years together in the same school, and a parting of ways to seven different high schools.

It was such a rainy day! Carmen met up with some friends at their house to get pictures together indoors. Don't they all look darling?

Special girl.

A shot of the dress.

Class of 2014

Carmen and Natalie have been together since kindergarten, and have been good study buddies. We will miss such a reliable friend to call on for homework questions!

Falcons girls - these girls are all playing club basketball together this spring coached by their school Phys. Ed. teacher (who is totally crouching for this picture). Carmen's club experience has been exceptional - hopefully I'll take some pictures of club ball one of these days soon!

Proud parents.

My friend Tania!

Tania's son, Brigham.

And the traditional parent dance. 

Happy Graduation, Carmen. (Now just to get through those pesky final exams.)

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Kids, kids

Band final concert. Once again Chloe played with the 8/9 band as well as with her own grade 7 band.

Track & Field Divisionals

Carmen ran heats in the morning,

And then in the 100 relay in the afternoon. Her relay team took silver!

On Saturday we celebrated the career of the best teacher I have ever known. Mrs. Critchley teaches junior high math, and spent her entire 34 year career at our school. In addition to math Mrs. Critchley teaches life, and she will continue work with individuals who need help in that second subject.

And if Steven looks different in that photo with Mrs. Critchley, it's because he and his friends have done stage one of bleaching their hair. And if he doesn't look different to you, scroll down to the grad post below.