Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Jaclyn's going on a mission!

Jaclyn was 19 years and 2 days old when this exciting announcement was made in General Conference. She started her papers immediately!

Her lifelong friend, Connor Jensen, is already serving in the Canada Halifax Mission which is just awesome.

I'm so proud of you Jaclyn that when the opportunity came you were prepared and able to take it.

Friday, 2 November 2012


It seems to me that I remember crazy-busy Halloween's when I was a kid. I remember my dad coming home early from work to carve pumpkins after school, barely having time for dinner, and then out for trick-or-treating.

Well, we carve pumpkins a day or two ahead. Sure, they wither up a bit, but the kids that came by our house could still recognize Carmen's Hunger Games symbol. (Much to her delight.)

Chloe's Jack-O-Lantern was just crazy enough to be a bit spooky.

Carmen didn't go out trick-or-treating, but she still dressed up with her friends for the school costume parade. Steven has now warned Carmen against taking photos in the girls' washroom - he seems to think there's some sort of slippery slope.

Chloe was Laura Ingalls Wilder from her school teaching years. (A fantasy that can be played out at our original school campus - a one room school house.)

Happy Halloween!