Saturday, 27 June 2015

Grade 8 Awards Night

Chloe worked so hard in school this year. It was difficult and stressful and miserable sometimes, but she certainly got results.

Chloe was recognized for Honours with Distinction, as well as two subject awards in Language Arts and Social Studies.

In Fine Arts she was recognized for her mastery of the French Horn.

(a group shot for the yearbook)

And she also received a citizenship medal, which continues to be my most prized award from a parent perspective.

Way to go Chloe! 

Now lets enjoy summer!

Friday, 26 June 2015

Farewell Elder Olson

Steven entered the MTC in Provo on Wednesday. Leading up to that he spoke in church the Sunday before, which was also Father's Day. We had fun hosting Father's Day Dinner for both sides of the family that day, as well as spending time with friends that evening who came by to wish Steven well.

Carmen and Ken took Monday and Tuesday off work so we could have some together time. We went to Lake Louise, which was reminiscent of going to Banff with Jaclyn the Monday before she entered the MTC, except for the obvious seasonal differences.

We started our hike at Chateau Lake Louise, 

Stopped for some pictures at Mirror Lake,

with Big Beehive in the background.

Steven got some great photos with his new missionary camera

The falls immediately below our ultimate destination of Lake Agnes. You can just see the Lake Agnes Tea House at the top of the falls.

Another photo from Steven

Lake Agnes. 

Tuesday was laundry and packing for Steven. We went out for Sushi for dinner, and then President Spackman came over and set Steven apart as a missionary. Once again he had us each give Steven a piece of advice, which I recorded. I haven't tried to read my writing on that yet.

Steven woke Carmen and Chloe up for hugs goodbye when we left the house at 4am, but he only wanted Ken and I at the airport.

Oh, how we will miss him!

Ken and I both went to work that day, but Carmen snapped me this picture of Chloe in Steven's bed later that morning.

It was comforting to know that Steven had Jaclyn and Mason to pick him up at the SLC airport and see him the rest of the way to the MTC. We've heard from him already, and he is loving it!