Sunday, 23 April 2017

April in a Nutshell

Ken turned 49!

He requested steak, mac&cheese, roasted vegetables, and Hello Dolly squares for his day.

Then he took himself on a solo trip to Utah,

And took Zoë on her first trip to the zoo.

Meanwhile at home we had some usual Easter celebrations with a new twist this year of the decor Steven sent us from Floria for Christmas

Colouring Easter Eggs

On the Saturday we went to the zoo here in Calgary with some cousins

(The grizzly picture is a must have)

And lastly, Carmen took on the job of pulling everyone together to buy grad tickets. It was just like every other group project, but it came together and I'm sure these kids will have a great time!

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Spring Break in Provo

Spring Break 2017 was a girls-only road trip to Provo. The boys (Ken and Flex) stayed home and worked (Ken) and slept (Flex).

We only caught a couple of sunny days in Provo, and our first day was one of them.

We took advantage of the sun and had a Jimmy John's picnic at Joaquin Park.

In the early evening on Friday we all joined Jaclyn and Mason in the Run 4 Refugees they had already signed up for. Zoë had the fastest time, just ahead of Mason.

Chloe used the 5k as a warm up for High School Track & Field Season.

We went home and showered and then crashed a YSA ward party where Mason and his a Capella group were performing.

Apparently we weren't the only party crashers?

On Saturday we really wanted to take Zoë to the Aquarium based on earlier snapchat stories about her previous trip. She really does like to watch the fish! Jaclyn tells me sometimes she brings up video of colourful fish swimming on her computer as a pacifying strategy.

Saturday afternoon we did a bit of shopping in SLC and had dinner at PF Chang's (where we confirmed Carmen's MSG allergy). Then Mason and Zoë went home and Carmen, Chloe, Jaclyn and I went to the Women's Session of General Conference.

It was a beautiful evening after a rainy day.

Sunday Church. All looks good here, but Zoë left Carmen wet at one point.

Monday plans changed when we saw the conditions of the ski hill. We went back to our Airbnb and the girls did spring break homework. 

Monday night we took Zoë to her first movie, Beauty and the Beast.

Tuesday we did a formal campus tour for our soon-to-be BYU student and our other potential BYU student. 

Wednesday we played with Zoë and her hair.

Elliott came over to meet Zoë and then she and Carmen went to hike the 'Y'

Our last day in Provo was another sunny one, 

and we love taking Zoë to the park!