Monday, 16 January 2012

Someone thinks I need to blog

Because someone else has been doing a lot of blogging, Chloe is daily asking me when am I going to blog again?

What to say?

We've been doing a little of this,

and that. 

It was great to have Jaclyn home for a bit over Christmas break!

Maybe the biggest topic around here of late has been Chloe herself. Chloe continues to report stomach aches. Taking dairy out of her diet 6 months ago cleared up the nasal congestion, but not the tummy trouble. So after we got through the holidays we eliminated wheat. She's been doing it for more than 2 weeks now, and says she still gets stomach aches (baffling), but I'm noticing changes in her: she's happier and has more energy.

I'll just let that last part sink in . . .

Did anyone think it was possible for Chloe to have more energy?