Monday, 16 January 2012

Someone thinks I need to blog

Because someone else has been doing a lot of blogging, Chloe is daily asking me when am I going to blog again?

What to say?

We've been doing a little of this,

and that. 

It was great to have Jaclyn home for a bit over Christmas break!

Maybe the biggest topic around here of late has been Chloe herself. Chloe continues to report stomach aches. Taking dairy out of her diet 6 months ago cleared up the nasal congestion, but not the tummy trouble. So after we got through the holidays we eliminated wheat. She's been doing it for more than 2 weeks now, and says she still gets stomach aches (baffling), but I'm noticing changes in her: she's happier and has more energy.

I'll just let that last part sink in . . .

Did anyone think it was possible for Chloe to have more energy?


Kelly said...

Ha ha, I was going to say that I hadn't noticed Chloe lacking energy before. Sorry the stomach aches are still going on. Sometimes it really can take a while to get the gluten out of your system if that's what it is.

And sorry my blogging spree has caused pressure. If I weren't 6 months behind, I wouldn't have much to say either. Love the skiing pictures!

Marie said...

Have you taken her into the doctor to be tested for food allergies? That might clear up any mysteries.

(I've been wondering when a new post was coming too!)

Barb said...

Oh, we started there. She's had blood tests as well as an abdominal ultrasound. There's no allergies, just food sensitivities, and experimenting with diet is the only thing to do.

Jaclyn said...

Do you WANT her to have more energy?

Barb said...

Hey !!!!!!!!!!!!


Michelle Alley said...

We are breathing basketball here too! Cici decided to take up the sport with Nini and they are both on a girls team and a co-ed team this year. They love it! No skiing in our near future though.

So glad to hear that Chloe is feeling good. That must make you very relieved. Hope you are well Barb!