Monday, 26 December 2011

Another Christmas Slideshow

(Because it is too many pictures for a regular post.)


Barb said...

And my apologies if the Canadian content (music) attached to this video doesn't let you watch it south of the border!

Ortensia Norton said...

Fun fun fun! The missionary dolls and beard hat are terrific! And I didn't know Carmen could still play the hand/foot bells like that!

Marie said...

A few random thoughts:

A Darth Vadar pinata? Ha!

Missionary action figures are awesome.

A knit beard is hilarious.

Jaclyn looks older.

So does Steven.

What a merry Christmas!

Kelly said...

We got to watch this year, yea! Loved all the pictures. Jaclyn looks so happy in all of them. I am loving Steven's beard hat! It was going to be missionary action figures or elmo pajamas, and I nudged Keith toward the action figures. Hope I made the right call! ha ha!