Sunday, 3 September 2017

Summer Summary

Summer had lots of extra cuddles anticipating Carmen going away to BYU

Chloe and her friend Sarah hiked Lake Agnes Teahouse above Lake Louise

We had our first family trip to Toby Creek:

Steven and Ken biked

Natalie and Barb and the kids pictured hiked:

We also checked out Lillian Lake 

And tried out Grandma's kayaks

Steven turned 21!

Steven, Mom, and Dad hiked Crypt Lake

Chloe and Mom had a girls retreat to Kananaskis Lodge with Ortensia and Camille

Carmen squeezed in some fun at the end of her summer

Fishing the Bow with Dad

And hiking Johnston Canyon Inkpots with Mom

Then it was off to BYU!

Plus an early birthday celebration for Zoƫ!