Saturday, 27 September 2014

YYC Friday September 26

Jaclyn was so lucky to have a direct flight booked from Halifax to Calgary yesterday! Some poor missionary was booked to fly through Chicago and then home to Calgary, and for all I know she could still be in Chicago, yikes!

The only potential hiccup we had on Friday morning was that her flight was ahead of schedule, but luckily Ken saw the arrival time had been moved up with enough notice for us to get to the airport. Jaclyn said that when the pilot announced that they would be arriving early she came up with a plan to hide on us if we weren't there when she came out, haha.

But we were there, ready and waiting. Jaclyn would be descending an escalator behind a sliding glass door, so Chloe stayed crouched so that she could look up the escalator every time the glass doors opened.

(Video credit to Carmen for capturing the range of emotions we were all feeling. I waved Chloe in for the first hug.)

It is so wonderful to have Jaclyn home with us, and it already feels like she never left! We are just soaking her in!

Monday, 22 September 2014