Monday, 10 December 2012

Express Chocolates and an Express Wedding

We had a really hard time finding a date to dip chocolates with our cousins this year. Mostly basketball conflicts for both families, but then also Bruce was being a little non-commital about this past weekend.
(In hind-sight, I would have to say mysteriously non-commital.)

It turned out we found 3 free hours to dip chocolates together.

Seriously, no-one can pose normally for a photo in this family.

(Actually, compared to Ross's Christmas card, this is pretty normal.)

In our 3 hours of dipping we managed to finish 3 batches of chocolates, plus eat dinner, which was awesome - I have never seen chocolates go that fast! Necessity turned out to be the mother of efficiency, I guess.

You see, with 6 days notice to the extended family, Bruce and Barb had an *express wedding* and we couldn't be happier for their new family!