Tuesday, 26 July 2016

A Ride in the Park

20 kms round trip and still smiling

And why wouldn't we, when we can bike through this to go out for dinner at Costa Vida?

(I think we are all ready to bike through the Dutch countryside in a couple of weeks.)

Family Fun - Glamping

All of our camping for the past few years has been back country backpacking, but that wasn't great preparation for our adventure coming up in Africa, so we gave walled tenting a try. It was delightful!


Ken only joined us for the evening because he had a meeting in the morning, but he left us well stocked with firewood.

I didn't take a photo of our tin foil dinners, probably because they were unremarkable. We fried our breakfast bacon in advance the night before. Fry pans, and axes, and perishable food in a cooler was so luxurious.

Oh the relaxation!

And look at the bed! Alberta Parks calls this 'Comfort Camping'.

In hindsight we would have liked sheets and blankets better than mummy sleeping bags, we will know next time.

We tried some new things for breakfast. The grapefruit was so sweet grilled over the fire, no sugar required!

And the breakfast twice-baked-egg-stuffed-sweet-potatoes topped with bacon, chives, and cheese was dynamite.