Monday, 23 December 2013

Last Week

My new cookie press needs some breaking in - we had to use the trigger plus pressure on top to make it work.

I think sugar cookies are my favourite Christmas baking to do with the kids. Everyone likes doing it, and we have a good time.

Carmen had a couple of friends over to get ready for the Christmas Dance together.

On Saturday we went sledding on *Olson Hill* as some people call it.

It looks like Chloe likes to sit in the second position.

Steven left his snowboard pants at home, so he stayed upright on the sleds.

Our cousins met up with us for some extended family fun.

Ross didn't break a stride from arriving to hitting the hill.

Emma took a little more time to get going.

Chloe behind Erica

Kevin and Whitney in a double-decker

The natural evolution from the double-decker was the log cabin on three sleds.

No pictures of me sledding (because I was holding the camera and I didn't sled), but here I am with a few other school council members at a service lunch we provided to teachers in High River (photo pulled from Facebook).

Saturday, 14 December 2013

A picture or two

The french horn is a very Christmas-y looking instrument.

The community of High River is still struggling following the flooding this past summer. Our school filled stockings for elementary students at Ecole Joe Clark, and Carmen was part of group of students who delivered them.

My office got creative with our Christmas party this year!

Dog sledding (a first for me!) followed by sushi and a gift-stealing secret-Santa gift exchange.