Monday, 30 May 2016

Fort McMurray and Mother's Day

It's rarely a good thing when your community makes international news. My parents live in Fort McMurray, and so they were of course impacted by the wildfires in Northern Alberta this spring.

This is a photo of their street with the forest ablaze behind their home. When they were first evacuated from their house they were told to go stay with friends on the other side of town for a few hours, maybe overnight. Well, hours later it was evacuation for the entire city and no going back to their house to collect any more possessions. They traveled slowly south to Edmonton, sleeping in their car for 2 nights. I met them at Mark's house where we slept one night, and then brought them the rest of the way to Calgary where they have been ever since!

The first weekend they were here Marie and her family came up to see the grandparents.

It was super fun to hang out with them!

Cousin time.

The next day was Mother's Day and we had a good video chat with Steven that Grandma and Grandpa got to get in on.
My parents really don't visit often enough. Maybe it's too soon, but some day I will be able to joke that I had to start a forest fire to get my mom to spend Mother's Day with me.

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