Monday, 30 May 2016

School Play: Anne of Green Gables

Chloe had such a busy spring! She had a Royal Conservatory Piano exam in April, and rehearsals every day for the school play.

 Chloe played the part of Diana Barry opposite one of her best friends as Anne, which certainly made being bosom friends onstage easy and authentic.

Chloe came home from rehearsals one day under instructions from her drama teacher to make sure I knew there was a drunk scene for Diana Barry. Then she came home the next day telling me that the drama teacher wanted to make sure I knew Chloe was very good at that scene. For some reason the drama teacher was worried about my reaction? Standing ovation, that was my reaction.

The actress that played Minnie May was actually taller than Chloe, but their major scene together was when Minnie May was sick with croup so the height difference wasn't noticed in the play.

What a way to finish off your time at RDL, Chloe! You were made for this play!

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