Thursday, 11 July 2013

Happy Birthday Chloe

Yesterday Chloe turned 12! She was well celebrated - she got together with a few school friends back in June and had them over for cake and a DVD. On Sunday we had our Calgary extended family over for dinner and *Beehive* cake that Chloe made herself. We also had *Beehive* lemon sugar cookies (which Chloe made) and homemade ice cream (which I made).
Yesterday Chloe and I went antique shopping in Nanton, and we packed a picnic in her new picnic basket. We had bacon, tomato, and cheese croissants, banana chocolate chip muffins, raspberries, potato chips, and apple juice. One of the shop keepers in Nanton recommended a spot for us which was delightful - a gazebo in a park. We'd even packed a tablecloth, so our picnic was schmancy. While we were shopping Chloe bought some fancy white gloves and collector spoons, and I bought an old black veiwmaster with some travel reels for London, Paris, and Temple Square in Salt Lake City. My plan is to order some custom reels from our own photos.
Chloe had several people drop by throughout the day: her primary teacher with a gift, the YW's president with flowers, and our home teacher with an ice cream cake! The cake went with her to cousin Erica's house for a sleepover last night, but not before we had some at home (and then some more with Uncle Kevin).
Happy Birthday, Chloe!

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Jill said...

That sounds like a memorable and fun birthday! I can't even imagine our home teachers showing up with an ice cream cake!