Friday, 12 July 2013


Carmen had a perfectly successful surgery on her arm yesterday. She had me take loads of pictures,  and I kept notes on my phone just in case, so here it is (condensed).

10:48 check in downstairs
10:59 hospital gown and in bed 31

11:30-11:50 nurse Ashley measured Carmen's height: 5'6" 123lbs Carmen then got a DVD player and a movie from nurse Ashley
12:03 nurse Nichole checked in with us we both got warm blankets 
1:55 wheeled to next waiting area in surgical suite

2:10 met with dr dilay and her med student Jacob she did some teaching and drew on Carmen's arm then anaesthesiologist came talked to dr dilay who asked him to also give dose of antibiotics 
Anesthesiologist gave Carmen choice of gas or needle to put her to sleep she chose gas (orange scent)
2:18 they rolled her away
3:14 desk in waiting area closed down, lights off staff gone
3:55 Carmen's back and having a popsicle

4:05 second popsicle 
4:10 Tylenol 
4:34 Nichole listened to heart checked temperature 
4:42 gingerale
4:44 Nichole elevated arm with pillow
5:00 Met with Dr Dilay, got post-op instructions and special wrap for swimming

5:25 discharged


Jill said...

Excellent documentation Barb, I'm glad all went well.

Ortensia Norton said...

She's my height. When will she be taller. Glad it was smooth sailing..