Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Fond Farewell

Ken's parents sold their ranch this summer. We are sad to see it go, there have been many good times at the ranch.

Over the weekend the girls and I met up with aunts, uncles, and cousins to help pack and clean and move, but we started out at Waterton on Friday night. We have the pre-ranch Waterton evening down to a (lost) art.

Ross has an appreciated sense of play. Here he is serving as a table for Chloe to build an Inukshuk on his back.

The perfect Friday night in Waterton starts with a picnic, 

Followed by Surrey Bikes and ice cream cones.

Saturday we got to work.

This old cupboard is for sale, by the way.

Carmen found a slipper she lost probably 5 years ago.

We were under strict instructions from Grandma that this was not to be an all work weekend; she didn't want everyone's last memory of the ranch to be packing and cleaning. The boys pretty much lived on the dirt bikes.

Carmen also mostly played. 

(Ah, the advantages of post-surgery.)

Chloe is my most sentimental child. She chose a few treasures that Grandma said she could keep, and took this great self-portrait.

Good bye Rancho Relaxo!

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G-Ma said...

Update: the white cupboard is gone.