Saturday, 19 January 2008

Good Mail

When I brought the mail in yesterday I didn't go through it right away, but Steven did. He called to me, "Mom: you got some good mail." How great is it that 'good mail' is just a regular phrase in our house?

Kristi sent me this card postmarked January 12th.

And Michelle sent me this card postmarked December 18th! I did a little bit of photoshop-ing to show you the stamp the post office added just below my address: advise your correspondent of your correct mailing address. Well, she had the correct mailing address (minus the country which the post office added), but my guess is that this pink letter travelled around Arkansas, Alaska, Alabama, and maybe Arizona. I guess I am officially advising my correspondent{s} to add Canada to the bottom of my address, it seems that the Alberta abbreviation, AB, is confusing.

I enjoy all my pretty good mail that comes my way, and as I scanned my newest cards I was thinking that I really would like to see my good mail up in my home, so I pulled out my card wreath I bought this past Christmas (I didn't follow through with my SPT Christmas card intention) and put it up in the den. Why ever did I pack it away? It is perfect for good mail!


carlo said...

i love your GM showcase and i too love to hear "you've got good mail" at our house!!!!!

love it!

and thanks for the reminder-- i am not sure i have added canada in the past!?!?

Kelly A. said...

What a great idea to do that with the card holder. And what a great card holder that is versatile to go year round! My big gingerbread house might look a little goofy come May!

Marie said...

That is a very pretty card wreath!

How is it you always find the prettiest things? Let me guess. Winners?

Jenny said...

I can't believe you are just receiving those cards. Crazy. I just got your "good mail' the other day. I was SOO excited. Thanks a million!!

Elizabeth said...

That card wreath is lovely.
What a good idea for a year long display.

April said...

I love that the post office was so diligent...just kept working til they found you. This gives me great confidence and warm fuzzies for how precious each piece of mail is.

melanie said...

I love your card wreath. I'm on the hunt for one next year.

Every time I get the mail with Nathan (6) he asked, 'Did you get any good mail today mom or is it all just junk?' I laugh every time.

Thanks for the fabulous Good Mail via Canada. I loved both things! I can't wait to post about it. It only takes me 3 (yes 3) days to finish a post. Hopefully I get there tonight!!

Jill said...

I can't tell you how delighted I am to read that the term "good mail" is a regular phrase in your home!

I'm also delighted to see your display wreath. I think having things like that to look at is so inspiring, and great reminders that there are so many people who like and care about you. I'm so glad to see one of my cards on there!

Amy said...

The card wreath is fabulous & definitely should not be relegated to Christmas alone!

sista # 2 said...

speaking of....did you receive our
Christmas card? (can't recall if I
already asked by email? I don't
think I wrote Canada!)
Cute card holder! Perfect size for
them through the year ;) ciao

lelly said...

i LOVE your goodmail wreath!

Michelle A. said...

Such a great way to showcase goodmail Where did you find it? what a great way to remember your friends!

Kelly said...

Love the card display! I put mine on a bulletin board, but your circles are so much more visually pleasing.

I always write Canada on my envelopes, but often feel silly like the post office will look at it and go "duh!". But, now I'm glad to know they're appreciating my efforts.

michelle said...

Dang! I know about writing Canada at the bottom of the address, I don't know what I was thinking. Can't believe it took so long to get to you! And can I assume that the gift tags didn't make it? Half the people I sent them to never received the tags. ARgh!!!