Saturday, 20 August 2016

Twenty Questions

If more students from Canada had been able to travel with us, they would have filmed interviews with Kenyan youth, but instead I had the amazing experience of sitting one on one with kids and asking them about their lives while Rick manned the camera (yes that's me in the braids).

The young men and young women told me about their work at home, their hopes for the future, what makes them happy, what their community needs most, what education means to them, the roles of girls and boys, their worries and fears, so much.

The girls worry about FGM and getting married off at 14 years old. The boys worry about being good sons even though they want to leave and go to high school. They all worry about HIV, which many adults in their community are infected with.

The plan for these interviews is to ask the same questions of Canadian kids and put the interviews together in a YouTube series they will call 'Twenty Questions'. It's now in the hands of the Building Hope Alumni group, but sitting and talking with these students is something I will never forget.

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