Saturday, 20 August 2016

Enkare Ngiro Public School Leadership Camp Days

Down the road from Building Hope Academy is the local public primary school where we spent 2 days running leadership camps for each of the grade 8 classes. We had some tricky name games to play and it was so funny because the kids were using their Christian names, but they know each other better by their Maasai names so they had as much trouble remembering each other's names as we had learning all their names.

Chloe playing a name game.

Lunch was prepared by the teachers each day. We had rice, steamed cabbage, potatoes, and a small scoop of beef stew.

The students were a little more unruly than the private school kids had been, and honestly I was a little more comfortable with that. They reminded me more of teens from home.

The compliments/pat-on-the-back was awesome. A little positivity goes a long way.

This is another Naomi. She was a memorable interview for me and made some brave comments in the group work at the leadership camp. I have sincere hopes for her.

Enkare Ngiro Primary School Day 1

Enkare Ngiro Primary School Day 2

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