Saturday, 20 August 2016

More about Enkare Ngiro School

The first project that RDL School/Building Hope Society took on was building 2 new classrooms for the public primary school in Ewaso Ngiro, which opened a little over 5 years ago.

We got to see those classrooms when Rick delivered glasses from a previous optometrist trip back in June. The classrooms have seen some abuse, and many of the desks are broken. They're good kids they just don't have anyone who expects them to take care of their school.

I was filming Rick dispensing the glasses, and from behind me I felt someone touch my hair. 

From there Chloe and I became willing hair subjects

Word got around and more kids came

None of the teachers seemed to mind the kids wandering around, 

Chloe had a gift for communicating with the younger kids who had more limited english.

This was class 5 with three kids at a desk. Younger kids fit more along each desk.

The Building Hope classrooms have glass windows, but the rest of the school doesn't. So when it is windy or cold it is dark in the rooms.

Despite the challenges, look at the trend on that graph. The school is on the rise.

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