Saturday, 20 August 2016

Westways School Kids

Part of the plan for this trip was to run leadership camps for junior high aged students. Another part of this plan was that many RDL Alumni were going to come on this trip and run the leadership camps, but instead it was Carmen in charge, along with Chloe and a little bit of help from me.

Our first leadership group was students ranging from class 4 to class 8 (like grades 4-8) from Westways Boarding School who were home on school break. They still arrived in their school uniforms, I supposed because those are their best clothes.

The first part of the camp consisted of various events like 3-legged races (which they'd never done) followed by answering a question at the end of each event.

Their answers were placed in an envelope for discussion later.

Carmen led a group 

And so did Chloe. We also had Daniel, a sponsored high school graduate, and Tim, one of David and Merry's kids, to help out.

It was super fun

We played 'Sticky Beak'

Which was hilarious

But we didn't play it in the public school the next day because Brian (on the far right) (a recent sponsored university graduate) pointed out that 'Sticky Beak' might be too much for those students.

There was time for self reflection

And goal setting

We worked on forward thinking, and having the courage to ask questions

The leadership day ended with a pat-on-the-back in written form

And then photos together

What a privilege to meet these outstanding youth.

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