Sunday, 30 August 2015

NYC: Sunday

The closest church to our hotel was in Chinatown, but we lack the language skills so we went to church in the West Village. From the outside it was exactly what I expected, but the inside was a bit of a surprise. We went up the elevator to the 4th floor where the chapel is located and walked into what looked like any free standing LDS meetinghouse in North America. The carpet was the same as ours at home. The couch in the foyer? Exactly the same. But the biggest surprise was the peaked ceiling elevation in the chapel that took up the 5th floor. I never would have guessed.

We spent Sunday afternoon visiting museums in the Central Park area,

So it was hotdogs for lunch!

Central Park Zoo would have been a disappointment since it didn't have any of the animals from Madagascar (of course? since they'd escaped?) but the gate with the dancing animals that followed the bell that marked the hour was completely enchanting and purely serendipity that we were walking underneath when it happened.

Carmen and I briefly visited the Neue Museum to see The Woman in Gold because we had just watched the movie on the plane on the way over. It is a stunning work of art in real life.

We caught up with Ken and Chloe at the Guggenheim Museum which was most interesting for the building itself. The afternoon was fairly movie-driven with Carmen and Chloe recognizing this location from Mr. Popper's Penguins.

Finding Night at the Museum exhibits occupied us at The Museum of Natural History.

We caught the last hop-on-hop-off bus tour of the Upper West Side for the day weaving through the Columbia University Campus and Harlem.

It's pretty funny that Banana Republic has moved in next door to the Apollo Theatre.

We got off the bus at The Plaza Hotel

Things got a little girly.

Carmen outside Tiffany's of Breakfast at Tiffany's. Because NYC is full of movie locations.

Lastly, working on our artsy shots.

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