Sunday, 30 August 2015

NYC: Monday

Movies weren't the only media that influenced our NYC experience. We made many Seinfeld references all week. This one is: Top of the Muffin TO YOU!

Monday we had reservations to take the ferry to Liberty Island and Ellis Island. Here is Ken's view from the ferry.

This pose was Carmen's idea, but Chloe executed it perfectly.

Carmen and Chloe brought their polaroids and got some awesome pictures with the cloud texture that day.

The 4 of us at the base of Lady Liberty.

Ellis Island was interesting and a beautiful tribute to what National Parks is capable of.

We got a short tour of the building and watched a movie and learned a few things. I didn't know that immigrants landed in Manhattan and then were ferried over to Ellis Island for processing.

More cooling off in the pool.

Carmen and Chloe were tired of walking but Ken and I wanted to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, and it turned out to be a great idea.

Ken and I needed another second to process that Carmen was about to take a picture.

We ate pizza for dinner at Grimaldi's in Brooklyn and then outvoted Carmen and Chloe's idea to take a cab back to Manhattan.

Good thing we did!

It was a beautiful walk back.

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Ortensia Norton said...

My great grandpa Angelo was probably in Ellis Island in that very room you photographed. Funny that they ferried them over!