Sunday, 30 August 2015

NYC: Tuesday

Tuesday we took the Path train and popped up in Hoboken New Jersey.

We were not disappointed! We ate cannoli's, walked over to Frank Sinatra Park at the waterfront and sat for a bit, and then returned to Manhattan.

Chloe got her artsy photo. She quite disliked the hot oppressive subway stations, but she can smile for a picture.

We walked through Greenwich Village into Washington Square Park and then all the way back to our hotel via Bowery.

The pool was a vacation saver!

Chloe and Carmen aren't normally happy shoppers, but we had a really good time in Soho in one store in particular,

And walked out victorious! Or so we thought. It turned out that one of the items we purchased wasn't in our shopping bags - but we didn't notice until we were packing up to go home after stores were closed, and we left at 5:30 am to catch our plane so I couldn't deal with it until we were back in Calgary. I wasn't completely hopeful calling 2 days later from home, but they couldn't apologize enough, and have mailed it to us free of charge. Phew!

We ate dinner in Little Italy,

And still made it back for a night swim under the cafe lights!

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