Sunday, 30 August 2015

NYC: Saturday

Saturday we visited the 9/11 memorial.

The Freedom Tower

It was a solemn thing to do on a holiday, but it seemed important. It certainly brought back all the feelings of that day 14 years ago.

We explored the area a bit: Trinity Chapel as seen from Wall Street.

And came across this wedding doing their photos. There were a dozen bridesmaids! And groomsmen! The photographer had 5 assistants, which made me think we were witnessing a six digit wedding.

We hit the swimming pool again in the afternoon, and then got dressed for Broadway.

We enjoyed dinner in Bryant Park. The food was great (I had the vegan Jerusalem platter) but I think I learned on this trip that the ambiance matters to me just as much as the food.

We had time for some New York Cheesecake before our show.

We saw Matilda, and wow those kids were talented. Sadly, I think we were nevertheless underwhelmed. It was a shame.

We can't seem to go straight back to the hotel ever. We walked Times Square a bit.

Another late night!

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