Thursday, 31 October 2013


Our Thanksgiving weekend doubled as our pie project weekend with Grandma, Marie, and Ortensia. Ortensia and Mark hosted us in Edmonton. As usual, Grandma had all of the bottom crusts prepared in advance, which left the slicing and dicing, the seasoning and spicing, rolling out the top crusts, and assembling the pies into Ziplocs and boxes.

I'm afraid we took advantage of Grandma this year, and in addition to bringing home completed apple pies, we all brought home extra crusts for quick work making pies of other flavours through the winter. Thanks, Grandma!

Sunday we had formal Thanksgiving dinner with all the Calgary family gathered together at our other Grandma's house. (I thought the conference talk earlier in October referring to Grandma's house -not- Grandpa's house was funny and accurate.)

Top of the Ferris Wheel

On Monday Ken went for a bike ride, Steven stayed home and vacuumed and did laundry (no, not as a punishment, he was just looking for a quieter day), and Carmen, Chloe, and I went to Heritage Park. I'm so glad we got out and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Heritage Park makes me nostalgic for when my children were smaller - we used to spend so much time here!

Later in the afternoon the five of us went to a movie (Percy Jackson), and then most of us went back to Grandma's for turkey buns - perhaps the most important tradition we've created: leftovers, back at Grandma's. Count on it.

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Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh, but Barb, you forgot to tell us how many pies. I always find that fascinating.

How does your mom do the crusts ahead of time? Does she put them between sheets of wax paper? How do you store them? I think that is a great idea.