Thursday, 31 October 2013

Chloe's Halloween Party

Chloe is the life of the party wherever she goes, and once in awhile she deserves to throw one of her own!

She let her friends know well in advance what her plans were, and then closer to the party she gave them severed fingers (with the date and time attached on a tag) as a reminder. I like that she wore last year's costume, coincidentally, while she made the invitations.

Our house has never been so well decorated for Halloween!

The food table in the basement.

Spooky lighting.

The party started out with dinner: pumpkin shaped cheese ball, chicken wings, veggies, bacon wrapped  sausages.

The drink was the best! We called it Bloody Temple's - Shirley Temple's with the grenadine in a syringe.

After dinner we played Fear Factor. Here Chloe is powering down some sardines.

Carmen lost out on the Grass Jelly level - just a little something I found in the Asian aisle. Carmen has problems with texture. (Her costume was someone-right-after-volleyball-practise.)

Everyone deserved a donut after that game!

Next was the movie, E.T. Judging from the screaming coming from the basement, it was plenty scary enough - but not so scary that anyone had to come upstairs or call their parents or anything.

It was a long party! Next the girls decorated cookies, 

And then they played Kick-the-Can until their parents came to pick them up.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Now that is a party.

I thought the severed fingers with a string around them was funny.

Kelly said...

Can Chloe come be in charge of Phoebe's birthday party?

I'm serious.