Thursday, 31 October 2013

Feast or Famine

About 4-5 years ago the leadership students at our school decided they wanted to build a school in Africa, and so they did. I'm sure it wasn't that easy, but if you know anything about the school my children attend, you know they make things happen. The "Building Hope" project was born. A school was built in Kenya, followed by an additional building for a kindergarten in later years, and last year, for the first time ever, someone from that community left to attend University.

2013-14 Committee for Building Hope

One of the ongoing fundraisers to support the school in Kenya is an annual 'Feast or Famine' event at lunch time. Students can buy a lunch ticket, which gives them a 1/8 chance of getting pizza, chips, and a brownie. The other 7/8 of the kids eat a bowl of rice because that is the reality of the disparity of the world we live in.

I think someone in this picture is the reason I was invited to help cook rice this year. It was my privilege.

We cooked 2 large bags of rice on the stove, in the oven, and in any and all rice cookers we could find. If I am included next year, I will suggest outdoor propane stoves to get the water boiling faster.

Following lunch, the Building Hope students ran an afternoon of African games and activities for the rest of the students to help them feel the pride of what has been accomplished for kids just like them on the other side of the world.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Incredible! I have loved watching what your kids do and accomplish at this school. It's sounds like not only are they incredible, but the school is as well.

Kelly said...

This is amazing. It took a couple years for our school to coordinate everything to get benches put in the front of it. I can't imagine the effort that went in to building a school in Kenya!