Monday, 30 September 2013

Crypt Lake

I was remarking to Ken with a hint of jealousy last week that he has had a pretty cool year (San Francisco, Papua New Guinea, Ferrari Challenge, biking the Golden Triangle). Ken's cool year continued on the weekend with a YM camp near Waterton. The Preacher's Quorum (Priests and Teachers) camped Friday night just outside of Waterton, and then on Saturday they went in to the park. 

They took a ferry across Waterton Lake.

And started their hike up to Crypt Lake. It had been snowing in the mountains this week, but not very cold, so it was in a constant melt. The trail was a small steam.

(Insert my jealousy here.)

(Aaaand, delete my jealousy here.) It turned out to be a precarious and snowy hike at the top.

But boys find this sort of thing fun

A beautiful, wintery Crypt Lake.

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Marie said...

That picture of Crypt lake is breathtaking. WOW.

However, it did scare me a bit, since on Monday I am going with Carter's grade up to Waterton for three days. BRRRRRR!!!!!