Sunday, 29 September 2013

Edgewater Fortune

The second week of school Carmen got to go on a school trip she had been making instalments towards for a whole year. 

Almost her entire grade participated.

Our weather has turned to fall, so these summer skies off the coast of British Columbia are looking great to me now.

A jellyfish in the wild!

The Edgewater Fortune, Carmen's home for a week.

Exploring tide pools.

Not even the smallest starfish they found.


They caught their own dinner.

Science teacher and volleyball coach.

Smallest starfish they found.

Carmen was given the job of *Purser* which means she signed all the other students on to the ship and did all the paperwork for the week. It was a compliment and a salute to Carmen's leadership and responsibility.


Jill said...

Gorgeous photos! This looks like an amazing opportunity.

Kelly said...

What a cool trip! I am blown away by the jellyfish in the wild photo!

Craig Olson said...

I remember Edgewater. It kind of scares me that that boat is still running as i know all the kids take turns in the engine room.

Marie said...

Yes, I'm sure that this was an amazing trip, but to be honest, what stood out to me most from these pictures was how grown up and beautiful Carmen is looking.