Friday, 27 September 2013

How did a dog get in this post?

Some people love their dogs like one of their children - it is no secret that I am not one of these people. Anyhow, somehow I selected 4 photos to share in this post:

Carmen started playing volleyball this year at school. She is a little late to the party as a 9th grader, and we are proud of her for making the team. I'm sure she will have a spectacular time.

This guy.

Chloe has been running cross country this fall. She is going to Divisionals on Tuesday, and she's bringing her smile with her.

Fall football is everything it should be - crisp autumn air, leaves crunching under my feet as a walk from my car to the stands, and a sweaty, satisfied football player at the end of the game.


Jill said...

Good times!

Kelly said...

Flex is getting grey around the edges. Great picture of him. As you know, in our house the Stig is Keith's stinky son.

Love your sports photos. Miss you guys!