Wednesday, 26 September 2012

There are worse things than a lay-off

We all know that, right?
I mean, a summer lay-off would have been nicer. Some of you will remember "The Summer of Ken" from 6 years ago. ("The Fall of Ken" doesn't quite have the same ring to it.)

So as I blog in the next few months, keep in mind that I am a planner and a do-er-in-advance-r.

The Christmas chocolate is already ordered, and our Christmas cards are sitting under my telephone desk. We already booked and pre-paid a condo at our favourite ski hill over Christmas.

What else? I bought myself a new skirt/shirt/sweater outfit at the end of August with no returns on sale items that is very wintery and hasn't seen the light of day yet. Yay! New clothes for me when the snow flies, without spending money in the face of our new budgetary reality!

(And something else has been pre-paid, but I can't mention that one yet.)

So austerity measures have been implemented, but won't be painful for quite some time.


Kelly said...

Oh no! I hope the Autumn of Ken (the Fall of Ken sounded too much like the fall of man or something especially bleak) is shorter than the Summer of Ken. I hear the job market in Arizona is fabulous. (Uh, not really, but a girl can dream, right?)

Hooray for being a planner and do-in-advancer. In the world of things that have been pre-paid those are ALL good things. But, ouch. We are all very sorry to hear this news.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh darn. I'm so sorry. Did you even see it coming? (Not that that lessons the impact.) It's a good thing you are organized and efficient.

I'm so glad it didn't interfere with your trip to Europe.

Again. So sorry to hear about the turn of events. Good luck to Ken.

Lucy said...

Oh no! I hope the austerity and uncertainty are short lived and you are back to your planning and doing in advance as soon as possible.

Kelly said...

You are a champ. That's stinky news but it's good you have the important things covered. Chocolate? Yes please!

Ortensia Norton said...

Oh my. I'm really sorry to hear it. I hope he finds something great soon.

melanie said...

No fun! With that said, your planning ahead is impressive. Good luck to your sticking it out. I know you can do it.

Marie said...

That is rotten. Sorry it happened. I'm not even a little worried about your family, but it isn't any fun all the same.