Thursday, 20 September 2012

Terry Fox Run and Race

Today was the Terry Fox Run honouring a Canadian hero, as well as the school qualification race for Divisionals.

Carmen had her signature strong finish. She runs a calculated race, and once again qualified for Divisionals as well as setting a new personal best for time.

I've gotta say, the cheering must help.

The kids position themselves at a critical spot along the path and cheer and shout for everyone as they head into their second hill. 

Carmen felt the love as she headed up hill #2.

And here's Chloe coming around the corner into the final stretch right when everyone started to call her name and cheer her in.

Chloe also ran a personal best with no walking whatsoever, and passing 9 runners on the big hill. You can see how good she felt about her run. I need to channel that supportive spirit from the school when I go out myself. What would it be like to run with a smile on my face?

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Neighbor Jane Payne said...

What great pictures. I love the colors (and the girls). Yes, yes, what WOULD it be like to run with a smile? I don't know that I'll ever know.