Saturday, 15 September 2012

Quilting bee and a little red wagon

Well, we bought the boy a stick shift to drive. Maybe this is no longer a relevant skill, but we threw it at him anyway. (He thinks maybe once he sat in a standard transmission car before we bought this teen-mobile.)

Steven's pretty glad to have driving a standard figured out, and Jaclyn looks forward to learning it next summer so that she can be the cool-girl-who-knows-how-to-drive-a-standard.

Speaking of lost skills, I have fond memories of playing underneath quilts on quilting frames, but it was a first today for Carmen and Chloe. (Note the headbands made from the quilt scraps.) (Excuse me, Chloe's wasn't a head band it was a 'buff'. What???)

Chloe's school teacher is having a baby in a few weeks so Chloe had a few friends over to tie a baby quilt together. None of them had done it before, but they caught on fast.

Plus they had Carmen to help. Carmen learned how to tie a quilt several years ago when Jaclyn was a Miamaid and she did it for a YW activity. (I'm not clear on how Carmen pulled that one off since she wasn't even in YW's yet.)

I think I'll have to slip this photo into the card when they give the baby blanket to their teacher.


Ortensia Norton said...

A buff is an expensive piece of fabric that was be used in 9 different ways. I bought one this summer in Montana and keep leaving it at my parent's place.

Ortensia Norton said...

Expensive headband.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

What a great idea to make a blanket and put that picture in it.

My kids all felt so proud they could drive a "stick shift." Lost art to be sure!

Marie said...

Stick-shifts aren't obsolete! Dirk's car is an '09 and it is standard. Totally a worth while skill.

LOVE the little girl quilting bee. That made me happy in so many ways.

Kelly said...

I've never heard of a buff. Cute picture of the girls in the quilt. I'm sure that will be a treasured gift!

Yea for Steven! I've resigned myself to never learning this skill. After I made Keith's Tercel hop up and down, I was convinced it was beyond me and Keith didn't try to convince me otherwise, ha ha!