Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Losing my power of concentration.

I'm having a hard time even captioning pictures sitting on the couch while Jon Stewart is on. I used to be able to focus!

Carmen and I spent a couple of days alone together this summer while Chloe went away with a friend. The bike ride day was clearly more fun than the back-to-school shopping day. Ken considers this a win.

Steven has awesome YM's leaders. For camp this year they went to a hunter education facility. (I'm not sure what he'd be hunting with a hand gun.)

Making a 3-minute fire from spark to smoke signal.

The bishop said something to me that led me to believe Steven had chilli dogs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I have to say that's possible, considering Ken was eating hot dogs and nachos 3 meals a day when I first met him.

Back-to-school haircuts. Carmen sprung it on me that she wanted a fresh cut at the last minute and I told her fine, but I was busy and she'd have to make the appointment herself, and btw book something for Chloe too. She felt "weird" to make that call herself, but ta-da it wasn't that hard.

Chloe and Carmen led campfire songs at our ward camp on Friday night with all the silly YW's camp songs.

On Monday Carmen and Chloe planned the best-last-day-of-summer which included some time playing with hair.

This picture pretty much says it all about the first school morning today: Chloe totally ready and excited, Carmen still in her pj's and wrapped in a blanket, and Steven tolerating a photo-tradition that was delaying him getting out the door. (Steven didn't actually start classes today, he was involved in a welcome day for the new grade 10's.)

Ken asked me what I was going to do with my time today and I told him I was going grocery shopping all day. He thought I was kidding.

The girls came home and both reported the one school supply they were still lacking was magnets for their lockers. No way I was going to get to that fast enough for them, so they rode their bikes to the $-store, bought craft supplies, and made their own cute magnets. Yay! How I love big kids.


lelly said...

Ah, the whirlwind days of late summer/back to school. Hoping for an easy transition for your family.

Kelly said...

The first day of school picture startled me for a minute, I thought that's what Carmen was wearing for school, and I was just ... confused!

That must be the shark song they are singing by the campfire. Looks very familiar.

Funny that right now both of us have pictures of our children holding guns on our blogs. We're such a gun family, apparently!

michelle said...

My goodness, Steven looks so grown up!

Those grocery carts remind me of the ones in France.