Monday, 20 August 2012

It looks like it fits, but it doesn't.

Because if we put a crinoline under that dress it would be too short!


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Wait, wait. What is a crinoline? Poofy slip? Padded top? What brought the dress out of the box? Which year of marriage are you on?

So many questions. So many questions.

Marie said...

I want to know why she is wearing this at all. Is there some YW night she needs it for or something?

(PS: You were also wearing high heals. Ha!)

PS #2: Carmen, you will be a beautiful bride someday!

Kelly said...

Ah, ha ha! I'll have to try that with Avery and my dress. She's still shorter than me, though. I think my dress has severely yellowed over the years. As students for so many years, I never felt like I could shell out the $ for acid free tissue paper to store it in.

Very pretty, Carmen!