Thursday, 16 August 2012

Pressing Forward

I spent last week cleaning and tidying my house to make it as clean as I like people to think it always is. (We were having company for Sunday dinner and it took several days to prepare.) While I was working on the den I found the DVD Finding Neverland. I have no idea of when we got it or who gave it to us - presumably quite a long time ago.

Tonight on our first real night of summer holiday freedom (sad, but true) Carmen and Chloe cracked it open. In the movie, James Barrie says that little boys should never be made to go to bed, because they just wake up a day older.

My kids seem to press toward getting older.

This summer Carmen completed the bronze medallion in swimming - she is another step closer to her goal of working as a lifeguard.

Jaclyn passed her graduated driver's licence exam, which, for her, ironically was the end of driving because one of the privileges of the graduated licence is supervising learners-licence'd individuals. Steven was happy to become her chauffeur. 

And then Steven got a driver's licence of his own (and he's still driving Jaclyn to and from work, I'm pretty sure). He also advanced to the office of a priest - thus the clean house for Sunday.

He only pretended to blow out the candles. Oh, darn: 16 girlfriends.

Carmen and Chloe wrote their first RCM piano examinations this week. Chloe's was on Tuesday, Carmen's was today - what a relief to be done. (From now on we are working harder during the school year so that they are prepared for the June exams.)

We are barrelling towards the next school year, and my taking the summer off from working out isn't slowing it down one bit.

(Oh, yeah, and I finally relented to Chloe riding her bike to her friend's house in another community across a major road without me.)

Edit: August 25th: Chloe completed the Red Cross Babysitter Course


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh gee. Living where we do, that is one thing I never had to do (allow kids to cross a major road without me). I have often wondered about it however. Is it more or less painful than letting kids drive on a freeway?

Kelly said...

I'll have to ask Keith about the different driver's license levels. We just have one, unless you want to be a trucker or something. We all are simultaneously freaked out and delighted that Steven is 16. Mostly freaked out because that means in 3 months Brynlee will follow suit.