Monday, 27 June 2011

A Winning Smile

Carmen and Chloe had soccer finals this past weekend. Chloe played at 11am on our home field, and Carmen played at 12 noon in Turner Valley which meant Ken and I had to flip a coin - Ken went to Chloe's game, I went to Carmen's.

That's right: two trophys. The 'Hooligans' earned the best record in the league and then went on to win the playoffs as well.

Chloe's team had a very different season. The lost all their games but one, which ended in a tie. She's in her last year of House League where everyone gets a medal at the end, but actually they won their 'final' on Saturday morning, so "if it had been a play off" she still would have walked away with a medal.


Marie said...

Loved Carmen with the two giant trophies. Sounds like she had an awesome season.

I'm sure that Chloe still enjoyed her soccer season. Is she moving on from House league next year, or trying something else?

Jill said...

Wow, those are serious trophies!

oinorton said...

I love the trophy kissing!