Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Awards Night

If I can't take a good picture in gymnasium light, then I'll edit it any way I like.

Steven finished off junior high tonight alongside many kids he's gone to school with for ten years. He seems to run with an award-winning group of friends because many boys I know and love and feed on a regular basis walked up to the stage repeatedly. I was proud of all those boys (and the occasional girl that classifies as *in his group of friends*).

Steven received the Most Improved Award for Sr. Boys basketball along with his friend Truman. Steven was also recognized for his achievement in attaining honour roll and citizenship. He was a little surprised to get a tech award for the school play. Steven worked as head technician last year, but this year the school play fell on the same night as the city football championship game and even though he didn't know his team would  go to finals he had to decline the position on tech crew just in case. Well, somehow Steven still ended up missing classes and staying after school (until it was time for football practise anyways) to help train the new tech kids. It was nice of the drama teacher to acknowledge Steven's contribution.

As always, special awards were reserved for the end of the evening (Grandma and Grandpa were good sports to show up for the whole two hours when they maybe just needed to be there for the last ten minutes). We knew what was coming, but Steven didn't.

Mrs. C. began introducing the award by describing the boy it is in memorial of. Qualities like attention to detail, doing his best in everything, considerate and caring of others were mentioned. Oh, the look on Steven's face when he was named along with three other students to come up and receive the award - I'd have liked to have had my camera at the ready for that, but it would have been obvious I was jumping the gun.

So the certificate reads: To be considered for this award, students must demonstrate well-roundedness, master new challenges, show potential, contribute to peers, have a love of life, and not be self-centered. Nice, right?

The award itself is to attend a week long leadership camp on scholarship from the school. The teachers are basically saying we believe in you and we want to invest in you and your future.

I know some past recipients of this award, and Steven is certainly in good company. Congratulations, Steve!


Jill said...

Wow, what an amazing accomplishment!

oinorton said...

Good job Steven!

I'm always a little sad when I think of that award. So sad to have memorial awards.