Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Golden Birthday

Chloe will be 10 on the 10th, which means it will be her golden birthday in a week and a half. Last weekend we had her golden birthday party before school ended so that all of her friends were still around to celebrate.

We made ruffled garlands from plastic golden table cloths. We covered the house in them and they were so cute, much to my relief - early on in the project they just looked like lasagna noodles, but that was  because of our colour choice I'm sure.

We had a golden pinata.

And we roasted marshmallows till they were golden.

We played Midas Touch (freeze tag) and Hatch the Golden Egg (sit on balloons till they pop). The big hit was that I rented an inflatable bouncer castle to try to make it "the best birthday party ever" that she hoped it would be. It was expensive, but so fabulous and easy.

Chloe was a little shocked to have 7 boyfriends! Carmen decorated the cake and made it golden with butterscotch icing (burn the butter/margarine before you make a normal buttercream icing) dusted with gold petal dust which somehow she knew to send me to buy at Michaels. The party guests were totally delighted with the sparkly/shiny golden cake.

Our Golden Girl.

Chloe got a really fun present:

I can tell you there are still a few in stock at the Deerfoot Meadows Walmart in the gardening section, but they are selling fast! I've bought a couple - in fact Carmen took one to a birthday party today, already pulled out of it's packaging and placed in a gift bag to maximize the effect. I think it will probably give the birthday girl a bit of a scare when she opens it!


Marie said...

What a beautiful party! I didn't ever hear of a 'golden birthday' until after I was 17, and I felt cheated. Arg.

Then Carter and Aimee were only 2 on their golden days, so it was lost on them.

Maxwell and Harrison will be teenagers, but even if they think it is a neat thing, I doubt they'll want to be dripping with fancy golden decorations. Double Arg.

Jill said...

What a fun party, you're always so creative! I had never even heard of a golden birthday until a few years ago, so we've missed all of ours around here until Whitney turns 18.

oinorton said...

Marie is cracking me up.

What a fun party. I love the butterfly!