Sunday, 26 June 2011

Family Temple Day

Last Saturday we had a ward temple day in Cardston.

I know, not the picture you were expecting to see with the title to this post, but we are lucky enough to have grandparents who are temple workers and have a ranch just outside of Cardston so we popped in on them before we met up with the rest of the ward. Carmen and Chloe found a dead snake. Yum.

Steven and Ken got in a little shooting. (Just pop cans Aunt Kelly.)

Grandma and Grandpa have a new swing in the trees.

We only spent an hour, but it was fun, then Ken and our youth age children went to the temple while I spent my afternoon with the primary children.

Chloe at the temple.

Nice day.


Jill said...

That's interesting that it was a family temple day. Landon gets to go every Tuesday morning (at 5:00am) with some of the youth, but we never go all together.

Marie said...

Hard to beat a day at the temple with the family.